Book Review: Christmas in Camelot

Since it’s nearing the end of the holiday season, I’ll go ahead and review one of my favorite Magic Tree House books.

It’s been a while since Jack and Annie have last seen the magic tree house, so Jack is skeptical when a pure white dove– a messenger– appears when they are walking home from school.  But the dove is indeed a messenger, and the tree house contains an invitation for Jack and Annie to spend Christmas in Camelot.

But all is not well in Camelot. King Arthur’s enemy, Mordred, had his Dark Wizard cast a spell to steal all of Camelot’s joy.  Now the mythical realm has sunk deep in despair, and all magic is banned.  The three bravest Knights of the Round Table have set out to the ethereal Otherworld to find a potion to restore the laughter and light of their kingdom and have not returned.  Camelot’s only remaining hope is Jack and Annie.

Inspired by the ancient Celtic tales of King Arthur and his Round Table, Christmas in Camelot is a fun read.  Definately not mediocre, even if it is written for young readers.


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