Book Review: Changeling by Delia Sherman

Changeling is a fantastic urban fantasy with a spunky heroine, a dash of magic, and plenty of old-time questing… with a new twist:

Neef is a changeling, someone taken from the mortal world and replaced with a fairy child.  She lives in New York Between- which exists between the New York we know and all the other possible universes- with her fairy godmother, Astrid, who is a quite fine member of the white rat species.

When Neef breaks her geas– the one rule that should never be broken- she is banished from her home in Central Park and given to the deadly Wild Hunt… unless she can complete a quest for three very rare, very powerful objects.

With her fairy changeling as her magical companion, Neef travels New York Between with nothing else but her wits, all the rules of questing she knows, and a dress made with summer magic in an adventure that will either give her her home back or consign her to the mercy of the Wild Hunt.


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