Cartoon Review: Code Lyoko

In Code Lyoko*, five students must fight evil in a virtual world.

When Jeremy, a boarding-school student with a knack for computers, explores the abandoned factory near his school, he doesn’t expect to find a dormant supercomputer. But that’s what is hidden there, and when Jeremy switches it on, he finds that it is complete with the virtual world of Lyoko; X.A.N.A., a virus bent on destroying the world; and Aelita, the guardian of Lyoko and virtual damsel-in-distress.

He enlists the aid of his friends Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich– who become the Lyoko Warriors– to help rescue Aelita and defeat X.A.N.A., but it’s not going to be easy. By activating an information tower on Lyoko, X.A.N.A. can send plenty of real-world threats to Kadic through possessing objects and using technological traps, and with each attack, the virus gets stronger. These attacks can only be defeated by virtualizing the heroes and deactivating an information tower on Lyoko.

But even with Jeremy and Aelita’s combined computer skills, they can’t find a way to shut the virus down without also harming Aelita.  Then they get a message from a man named Franz Hopper, who claims to be the inventor of Lyoko and Aelita’s father.  He says he has the knowledge to help get rid of X.A.N.A.  The only problem is, he disappeared ten years ago!

While the Warriors try to decode the anti-virus software Franz Hopper sends them, another student at Kadic stumbles onto Lyoko.  William Dunbar is enamored with the virtual world and really wants to help them fight X.A.N.A.  Reluctantly, the Warriors admit him into their group, but overconfident William ignores their warnings and gets possessed by X.A.N.A.  This problem can’t be taken care of with just deactivating a tower– the Warriors are going to have to find a way to the heart of X.A.N.A. to get him back, all the while concealing his absence from the school.

Who is Franz Hopper?  What connection does he really have to Aelita?  And, perhaps the biggest questions of all, can the Lyoko Warriors find a way to save William and finish off X.A.N.A. once and for all?

Code Lyoko is a brilliant TV show started by French producers Antefilms, and picked up later by Moonscoop.  Though some plotting nitpickers may say that the plot of each episode gets a little repetitive (like most every other TV show out there), I still enjoy watching it over and over and over again.

While it was showing in the US, Code Lyoko was a very popular show; it was the same in other countries.  In the US it has a large (though unorganized) fan base that remains loyal despite the fact that the show ended after Season Four, and that continues to hope that Moonscoop will eventually decide to continue it.  For the moment you can watch some of the episodes on the kid’s site  Just be aware that Kabillion has some ads that aren’t targeted at children, although it seems to have gotten better of late. EDIT: Kabillion is no longer available.

There have been several games released based on the show: Code Lyoko* for the Nintendo DS; Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A.*, also for the DS (review here); and Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity* for the PS2, PSP, and Wii (review here).

The official Code Lyoko fan club is located at  Since Code Lyoko was shown internationally, the site is available in three languages.  Choose the flag of your choice for either French, English, or Spanish.  The English version of the site hasn’t been updated since early 2009, and it isn’t very extensive.  The site does include summaries of every episode and charater files.  If you sign up, there are secret files where you can unlock photos and short videos from the show, simple games, and forums.  (I would be wary if you go on the forums, though, as some of the members posting there aren’t polite and don’t try to keep their posts/photos/avatars at a PG rating.)  If you are a true fan of Code Lyoko, sign up and show your support for the show! EDIT:  It appears that may no longer be available.

*Links to Amazon.

Update 4/1/10: Some of the videos on Kabillion only show parts of the show, and there is no guarantee that the episode you choose is the one that plays.  I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but I don’t have to say that it makes it annoying when you want to watch something and it stops in the middle.  My advice is to check the amount of time on the video, and when you get a full episode, stick with it.

Update 5/3/10: The bug on Kabillion has been fixed– now the episodes load like they are supposed to, and you can pick either full episodes or previews.

Update 10/20/11:  I just heard the news: Code Lyoko will finally be continued!  The fan site at now shows an ad for Code Lyoko: Evolution, with details coming soon.  Also, the videos on Kabillion are being glitchy again but you can watch a trailer for the first four seasons of Code Lyoko at

Update 1/2/2017: Made changes to the review as is no longer available, and may no longer be available.  Links have been removed and some text crossed out to reflect this; otherwise, the original post is intact.


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