Movie Review: Quest for Camelot

In Quest for Camelot, war is only a distant memory and peace is the order of the day under the reign of King Arthur and his valorous Knights of the Round Table.  But one rouge Knight of the Round Table, Sir Ruber, is plotting to disturb the hard-won peace.

When he steals– and promptly loses– Excaliber, Kayley, a farm girl and daughter of a knight, sets off on a quest to find it to restore peace to the land, and prove that girls can be knights, too.

Along the way, she meets Garrett, a blind hermit who once dreamed of being a knight, and Devon & Cornwall, a two-headed dragon who is happy to accompany Kayley on her quest.  With these companions in tow, it’s a race against time and sorcery to find Excaliber before Ruber does.  But is Kayley walking straight into a trap?

Quest for Camelot has been a favorite for years, and even today I catch myself humming the catchy tunes.  With legend, music, and danger deftly entwined, this movie is great for rainy nights when you just need a bit of adventure–and the magic of Camelot.


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