Book Review: The Goblin Wood

In The Goblin Wood (link to Amazon), a young hedgewitch joins forces with the oppressed goblins to carve out a new home for themselves in the far northern woods.

Falsely accused of being in the Dark One’s service, Makenna the hedgewitch was run out of her home by the people she thought of as friends. Feeling angry and betrayed, she makes a pact with the goblins, who are hunted for the same reasons: To make life difficult– nay, impossible– for the people who try to settle in the territory they’ve claimed for themselves.

The Goblin Wood.

When Tobin, a knight in the Hierarch’s service takes the blame for his brother’s crime, he is offered a chance to regain his honor: Get rid of the sorceress in control of the Goblin Wood and he’ll be a hero.  Tobin is puzzled until he learns that the Southern Barbarians are determined to take the country by force because their own is dying.  For the Hierarch and his people, the only place of safe refuge left is the sorceress’ domain.  He accepts the challenge, but Makenna is not what he expected…

The Goblin Wood is a satisfying tale of bravery, honor, lies, friendship, and loyalty by one of my favorite authors.  Set in a world where there aren’t any black-and-white heroes or villains, it is true to life in that everyone has a motive and is only doing what they believe is right.

If you liked The Goblin Wood, I would recommend that you read Songs of Power (which I have also reviewed), a fantasy/sci-fi novel also written by Hilari Bell.


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