Movie Review: Catch That Kid

Catch That Kid follows Maddie, Austin, and Gus, three friends with different talents.  Maddie is a champion rock climber, Austin is a computer genius, and Gus is a mechanic who specializes in go-carts.

When Maddie’s dad falls deathly ill, the only thing that can save him is an experimental operation in Denmark.  The catch?  It costs $250,000– and their insurance won’t cover it.  To pay it, the three kids come up with plan to rob the high-tech bank where Maddie’s mom is the chief of security.  If it works, her dad is saved.  And it will work.

Won’t it?

Catch That Kid is a light action/comedy adventure with a definate spy-flick feel for older kids. It differs from other adventure/spy movies for kids in that Maddie, Austin, and Gus are doing a crime for a good reason, which calls morals into question: Robbing people is wrong, but is it all right if they do it to save a life?


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