Book Review: Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg

Join the Neverland Fairies in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, the first book in a series set in Pixie Hollow!

Prilla is the new fairy at Pixie Hollow, but hard as she tries to fit in, there’s no going around the fact that she is different that the other fairies. She talks like a human, curtsies, and– worst of all– she doesn’t have a talent.

Though Tinker Bell and Rani– a water-talent fairy– try to help her, everything Prilla tries turns out wrong, and she knows it.  Worse, everyone else knows it, too.  But when disaster strikes and Mother Dove, Pixie Hollow’s protector, becomes ill, Prilla learns that even she can have a special talent, too.

While the writing is good (as expected of Gail Carson Levine) and the illustrations (by David Christiana) are superb, the truth is that this book was disappointing in the fact that there could have been more originality.  Had they not used Tinker Bell, Neverland, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, or Hook, the story would have been more satisfying; instead, it seemed that Disney was striving solely for the name recognition of Tinker Bell.


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