Book Review: First Light by Rebecca Stead

In First Light (link to Amazon), a child of a remote society and a child of an archeological expedition unite to bring a frightened people out of hiding.

Thea’s people have lived in a glacier for centuries, hiding from the people who hunted them, who believed them to be witches because of their advanced abilities.  Peter accompanied his parents on a scientific expedition to Greenland… and discovered the hidden entrance to Gracehope, Thea’s city.

By chance, the children meet, and they set out to complete bring Thea’s people out of hiding.  But the citizens of Gracehope are withdrawn and suspicious, and treachery runs deep in this adventure where kids can make a difference.

First Light was a book I picked up out of lack of anything else to read.  I wasn’t caught by the first page or so, but soon after the story became more engrossing.  This book does contain messages about the environment, but it would shine even without them.


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