Movie Review: Bedtime Stories

In Bedtime Stories, an uncle babysitting his niece and nephew learns that magic and happy endings aren’t limited to stories.

Back when Skeeter Bronson was just a kid, big-shot businessman Barry Nottingham forced his father to sell him his modest motel, with the promise that one day Skeeter would be manager.  Nottingham promptly tore down the motel in order to start Nottingham Enterprises, and built a high-end hotel in its stead.  Now, years later, Nottingham has hired Skeeter– as janitor.

When Nottingham announces his plans for a new hotel, Skeeter hopes that this is the chance he was waiting for.  Unfortunately, Nottingham Enterprises’ crown prince is not our hero, but Barry’s future son-in-law, Kendall.

Then his sister Wendy goes out-of-town for a job interview, leaving Skeeter stuck with babysitting her children, Patrick and Bobbi.  Sharing the duty is Jill, a teacher who works with Wendy, and who instantly clashes with Skeeter.

Things start to go a little wacky when Skeeter tells the kids a bedtime story based on his unfair life.  Bobbi and Patrick, convinced that every story should have a happy ending, alter the story so that his character has a chance– and it comes true the next day.

Hoping to improve his life, Skeeter tries to tell the nightly stories in his favor, with funny, and disastrous, results.  But it’s not Skeeter who controls the stories, and the kids’ idea of success and “the fairest one of all” is not the same as his.

But Skeeter has to question whether or not being manager is what he really wants when he finds out that the site for the hotel is the school where his sister and Jill work.  Can Skeeter save the school and find his happy ending before it’s too late?

From what I’d heard about Bedtime Stories, I didn’t expect much, and thankfully I was proven wrong.  Adam Sandler plays Skeeter to perfection, and though he is a bit of a bumbling idiot at times, this light fantasy comedy is great for whenever you’re in the mood for a laugh.


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