Movie Review: Bolt

**DISCLAIMER**  This post has major plot spoilers for Bolt. If you want the movie to be a total surprise (which I heartily recommend), do not read any further.  If this is the case, just know that I thought the movie was awesome.  Thank you.

Bolt, a medium white dog, and his owner Penny have been together since he was a puppy.  When Penny’s father is abducted by the fiendish Dr. Calico and his cats, the duo travel the world to get him back.

On one such mission, Penny is kidnapped and Bolt escapes from his captor to rescue her.  He ends up unconscious in a box headed for New York City, and when he awakes, he finds himself in entirely new territory.

Back home, Penny is frantic, as are her mother, her agent, the director. . .  She knows that what Bolt thought was real, and faithfully protected his mistress from, is fake.  She’s the star of a popular TV series, and though she’s only allowed to see Bolt on workdays, she loves him and wants him home.  Her director and superfluous agent want Bolt back, too, but for different reasons:  Their jobs depend on that dog!

Bolt, however, truly thinks he’s got superpowers.  Even meeting sarcastic Mittens (a cat Bolt firmly believes is working for Dr. Calico) and Rhino (a hamster who is Bolt’s biggest fan) doesn’t dampen his spirits.  Instead of accepting Mitten’s rational explanation that he’s just an ordinary dog with a starring role, he believes that his lack of superpowers is caused by his personal Kryptonite: Styrofoam.

Over a set of misadventures, Bolt gradually accepts that he is, in fact, a powerless dog.  Even though this saddens him, he is determined to get back to Penny and rescue her from Calico.  Eventually they make it back to Hollywood, only for Bolt to find that he’s been replaced by an identical-but-cowardly dog, this one a genuine actor.  Bolt then questions his worth– without superpowers, will Penny still love him?

Bolt was another movie that was way better than I expected.  This heartwarming tale has equal parts of action, comedy, great characters, funny plot, and hilarious dialogue.  The moral of the story?  You don’t need to have superpowers to be a hero!


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