Movie Review: G-Force

A few nights ago I watched G-Force, and I have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed with it.
Darwin, Juarez, and Blaster are highly trained covert operations specialists with a dream to become official agents of the FBI.  The catch?  They’re guinea pigs!  Along with Speckles the hacker mole and Mooch the fly, the team (known as G-Force) is determined to prove that they have what it takes to be FBI agents.

Their handler, Ben, sends them on a mission to infiltrate the home of billionaire Leonard Saber, the owner of a major appliance company.  Inside each appliance is a chip that, when activated, will supposedly help the lives of humans, like a coffee maker measuring the amount of coffee you use and reminding you to put coffee on the shopping list.  Darwin discovers that the chip is essential to Project Clusterstorm that, when activated, will turn the machines into weapons.

Back at base, the team meets with Ben’s new boss, who isn’t impressed with the plans that Darwin copied– plans for a coffee maker.  He shuts their operation down, and G-Force is sent to a pet shop, where they meet Hurley, a guinea pig who has waited his entire life to be adopted.  They agree to try to escape and meet up at Ben’s house.  Blaster and Juarez are bought, Speckles plan to play dead fails, and Darwin and Hurley manage to get out through a hole in their cage.  G-Force gets back together a few hours before Clusterstorm is activated, and race to stop it before the project goes into effect.

Overall, the movie had too much going on.  It tried to be a spy flick, comedy, and animal movie all in one, a combination that didn’t quite work.  The human characters were very two-dimensional, and the jokes– like Speckles being a mole– could have been better.  However, the  animation was superb, a salute to what we can do with CGI, and I applaud Disney’s courage in making G-Force.  I give it a two out of five.

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