Picture Book Review: I Need My Monster

In I Need My Monster, young Ethan knows that there’s a monster under his bed.  But one night, he checks under his bed for his monster to find a note: “Gone fishing.  Back in a week.  –Gabe.”

How will Ethan get to sleep now without Gabe’s long claws scratching the floor?  Without his ragged breathing?  His oozing drool?

Four substitute monsters show up to replace Gabe, but Ethan rejects them all:  Herbert doesn’t have claws.  Ralph is too well-groomed.  Cynthia’s a girl.  And Mack’s only scare factor is his loooooong tongue!

How can Ethan possibly get to sleep without his monster?

Amanda Noll’s tale and Howard McWilliam’s illustrations combine for a unique spin on the usual monster-under-the-bed story.  Ethan’s quest to find the perfect monster is equally funny and scary, and had me chortling to myself as I read it.


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