Book Review: Claim to Fame by Margaret Peterson Haddix

In Claim to Fame, Lindsay Scott is a sixteen-year-old former child star whose career ended when she suffered a nervous breakdown a few years ago. Unfortunately, the cause of the breakdown still haunts her: The ability to hear what anyone, anywhere, is saying about her through telepathy.

With reruns of her show on every afternoon, Lindsay can’t be blamed for hiding inside her house, which has the mystic power to block her telepathy.  But her peace is shattered when the tabloids write a false tale about Lindsay being held captive by her father, and when two teenage boys decide to “rescue” her, she learns that others share her strange power.  What will she pay to learn the truth?

I read this book with the sole reason that Margaret Peterson Haddix wrote it, but Claim to Fame did not live up to my standards (that were set by the Shadow Children series).  The original concept of the story had promise, but the thrilling parts of this teen thriller were nonexistent, and the overall tone was tired.

I have nothing against Haddix as a writer(again, I loved her Shadow Children series), but this definitely wasn’t her best book.


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