Book Review: Redwall

The first and original Redwall novel, Redwall (link to Amazon) is a fantasy epic and one of my favorite books.

Redwall Abbey in the Mossflower Woods is a peaceful place, where everyone, from Constance the Badgermum to Brother Methuselah, from the Father Abbot to the Dibbuns, can live in safety and comfort.  It is a haven from the harsh world, and everybeast knows that anyone wearing the habit of a Redwall Brother or Sister is a friendly healer to be revered.

But their refuge is threatened when the warlord Cluny the Scourge makes his way to Mossflower.  Cluny and his minions have laid waste to homes up and down the country, and are now looking for one last place to loot and make their home– and their eyes are on Redwall Abbey.

The gentle creatures of Redwall know nothing of war, and all looks bleak until old Brother Methuselah and young, clumsy Matthias are touched by the spirit of Martin the Warrior, the hero and one of the founders of the Abbey.  Martin leads their mission to rid Mossflower Woods of the Scourge with a quest full of poems, riddles, good friends, and great food, all the way to an epic battle to determine the fate of Redwall Abbey!

This marvelous tale by Brian Jacques is an excellent start to the bestselling saga.  Equal parts good company, epic feasts, mind-boggling riddles, and Good-vs-Evil action, Redwall is an adventure for all ages (except perhaps the youngest children).

Besides writing more than twenty books for children, Brian Jacques has been a sailor, stand-up comedian, radio host, and milkman.  He’s also formed a troupe of voice actors to narrate his books as audiobooks.  If you can find the audiobooks version of the Redwall series, either borrowing it from the library or buying it, I would recommend you listen to them as well as reading them.  If you decide to do this, make sure that the audiobook is one narrated by Jacques and his troupe; I don’t know how good the audiobooks narrated by other actors are.


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