Book Review: Take Two

Take Two is the sequel to Trading Faces (review here).

Emma and Payton Mills may be identical twins, but they have way different personalities: Payton is the fashionista, and Emma the brainiac.  Last week they traded places so Emma could save Payton’s friendship with Sydney, the queen of the popular girls.  Just as they were about to end the switch, Emma’s archenemy Jazmine James revealed the deception and humiliated the twins on the school’s TV station.

The girls are on their way to detention when they are intercepted by Counselor Case, who offers them a deal: If Emma agrees to tutor her identical twin boys, Jason and Mason, and Payton agrees to help the Drama Club clean out the storage room, they won’t have to go to detention.  They accept the offer, even though they aren’t prepared for the twin trouble Jason and Mason represent.

Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy’s Take Two is a light read that continues Emma and Payton’s misadventures.  This time, the girls aren’t the troublemakers, but they are stuck with cleaning up the mess Mason and Jason leave behind.  As in Trading Faces, the characters are two-dimensional, but this time they were a little more interesting.  I would suggest that you only read this book if you are bored.

Note: This post contains links to Amazon as part of the Amazon Associates program.  However, all views and opinions are my own.


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