Book Review: Lionclaw: A Tale of Rowan Hood

Lionclaw is the sequel to Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest; however, you don’t need to have read Rowan Hood to enjoy Lionclaw.

Cover of "Lionclaw: Tale of Rowan Hood"
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On Lionel’s thirteenth birthday his warrior father, Lord Lionclaw, disowned him because he felt disgraced that his son refused to learn to fight and loved his harp above all else.

That was two years ago, and Lionel has become a member of Rowan Hood’s outlaw band and done things his father never would have expected of him– like saving the princess Ettarde from her arranged marriage, and Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Lionel has been happy among the outlaws, but that changes when Lionclaw comes to Sherwood and finds himself face-to-face with his minstrel son.

Lionclaw swears that he will hunt Lionel down, so Lionel runs away to keep his friends safe.  He isn’t far when Rook, another member of Rowan’s band, tracks him down with news that Rowan was caught in a trap that broke both her legs.  A couple of foresters who want the reward for Lionel are using her as bait to catch him.

Lionel, Ettarde, and Rook know that they have to save Rowan, but with her broken legs, how can they save her without being caught themselves?

Nancy Springer has crafted another tale full of bravery, loyalty, and adventure with Lionclaw.  This book is a fantastic addition to one of my favorite series, especially as it shows Lionel than more than just the whiny, babyish minstrel.  As with Rowan Hood, I would cheerfully shove Lionclaw towards anyone who enjoys a good adventure.  The next Tale of Rowan Hood is Outlaw Princess of Sherwood.


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