Book Review: Songs of Power

Cover of "Songs of Power"
Cover of Songs of Power

What Imina wants most in the world is to be a shaman.  Her Inuit grandmother, who raised her, taught Imina all she could before she died.  Now Imina is stuck with her scientist parents at the underwater habitat where they study plankton, where no one believes in magic and everyone believes she’s crazy.

Though she is unhappy to be at the habitat, Imina perks up when she senses signals from some other shamans– maybe ones who can train her further!  Imina wants to search for the shaman, and her want turns into a need when the habitat begins to break down.  While the scientists search for mechanical and technological failures, Imina knows that it is the shamans who are causing the habitat to fail.  But how can she confront them when she is only a half-trained shaman herself?

Songs of Power is a top-notch teen book about trying to find where you belong.  It is one of my favorite stories by Hilari Bell, who also wrote The Goblin Wood (another of my favorite stories).  Bell is very good at characterizations, especially with making characters 3-D and with giving them motives that you can see.

What I liked most about Songs of Power was the plot.  Though it seemed simple at first (girl feels out-of-place, girl tries to find where she belongs), it has a few twists that kept me on my toes while I was reading it.  While you are reading it, see if you can figure out who the shamans are–I think it’ll surprise you.  🙂


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