Book Review: Outlaw Princess of Sherwood, a Tale of Rowan Hood

Outlaw Princess of Sherwood is the sequel to Lionclaw: A Tale of Rowan Hood and Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest.  However, the book stands on its own, and you don’t need to read either Lionclaw or Rowan Hood to enjoy Outlaw Princess of Sherwood.

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When Ettarde first met Rowan Hood, she was a princess running away from an unwanted marriage.  Since then, she has become an outlaw and a loyal member of Rowan’s band.

While Rowan and Etty are out gathering herbs one day, a group of horsemen come to Sherwood: Etty’s father and his entourage.  King Solon has come to reclaim his daughter.  With the outlaws watching his every move, he sets a trap with Etty’s mother as bait.

Etty will do anything to rescue her mother.  She enlists the aid of Robin Hood and the Merry Men to help her, and they manage to capture Solon while he is sleeping.  Etty tries to persuade Solon to let her be free, but the king is desperate: The king of a neighboring  country is threatening attack, and Solon needs Etty to prevent war.  Etty is torn;  On the one hand, she loves the freedom of being a part of Rowan’s band.  On the other, if she doesn’t agree to go with her father, her people will die.  Which should she choose?

As with the other Tales of Rowan Hood, this book proves that the characters are better than they think they are.  Like Etty: even though she thinks she’s a coward, Outlaw Princess shows how brave she really is.

Outlaw Princess of Sherwood was actually the first Tale of Rowan Hood I read.  Needless to say, I ate the story up and was hungry for more.  The sequel to Outlaw Princess is Wild Boy.


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