Show Review: Huntik: Secrets and Seekers, Season 1

Huntik (Photo credit: Gianfranco Goria)

Lok Lambert was just an ordinary high school student with a knack for puzzles and a love of adventure stories before he and Sophie Casterwill discovered his father’s journal and a strange green amulet.  Lok’s father, Eathon, disappeared ten years ago, and Lok believes that the journal will lead him to Eathon.  Sophie is excited about the journal because it contains information about her family and Titans, and she believes it will help them find powerful ones.

When some mysterious people in black suits attack, led by DeFoe, Lok and Sophie manage to escape, but not before a Suit kocks the journal out of Lok’s hands and into a river.  Lok recovers it, but the journal is already ruined.  Despite this, they make their way to Dante Vale, resident detective and the Huntik Foundation’s best Seeker, for help.

Dante and Sophie explain to Lok that Titans, like Dante’s Caliban and Sophie’s Sabriel, are creatures that bond with powerful humans called Seekers.  According to myth, the first Casterwill brought the Titans to Earth from a different dimension to fight against his enemies millenia ago.  To control the Titans, Casterwill bound them to amulets, like the one Lok found.  As time passed, the Titans were hidden away and eventually forgotten.

The Huntik Foundation was founded to find the Titans and keep them from the hands of those who would use them for evil. . . like the Suits who attacked Lok and Sophie. DeFoe and his minions are from the Organization, which is led by the secretive, meglomaniac Professor.  The Professor would love nothing better than taking over the world, but unfortunately, that pesky Huntik Foundation stands in his way.  Even with spies within the Foundation, expert Seekers like Eathon and Dante keep managing to evade him and get the Titans before he can.

Dante thinks that Eathon was probably on a mission to find a Titan before the Organization did when he disappeared.  And not just any Titan: Dante believes that Eathon was looking for the Legendary Titans of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Arachnos, Behemoth, and Tao.  Dante thinks that Eathon was also after the Ancient Amulet of Will, the key to controlling the Legendary Titans.

The odds of finding Eathon are long, but Lok is determined to do it.  He and Sophie try to convince Dante to take them on as apprentices, to teach them what he knows about Titans and Seekers.  Dante reluctantly agrees, and soon they’re off to Prague, Czech Republic, where the legend of the Golem suggests that there is more than just stories surrounding the area.  But the Organization has its home base in Prague, and nowhere is safe, even a Huntik safe house.

When DeFoe tries again to get the journal, it takes Zhalia Moon’s intervention to defeat him.  Zhalia is the Foundation’s mysterious Lone Wolf, and she’s powerful, clever, and streetwise–and Sophie suspects she has more than one reason for joining their team.  Lok and Dante trust her, though, and she proves to be an invaluable help to them on their missions.  Are Sophie’s fears unfounded, or does Zhalia really have a secret that she’s rather was left alone?

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers is a silly-yet-extremely-likeable show, and let me warn you that I only put the absolute minimum amount of plot in my synopsis.  I didn’t want to ruin it for you!  Though I must say that Huntik is something along the lines of Pokémon.  In both shows, there are creatures that serve humankind that are kept in an object and summoned when needed for battling.  There are also legendary Titans/Pokémon, which are one-of-a-kind and haven’t been seen for centuries, which the heroes, through luck and skill, manage to find.

There are differences between the shows, though: In Pokémon, everyone knows about Pokémon and anyone can be a trainer, while in Huntik only a select few know about Titans and can control them;  In Pokémon, the trainers search and catch Pokémon, while in Huntik, the Seekers search and find Titans, no catching required.

Even though Lok is the main character (after all, it was his dad who disappeared, and the main plot is trying to find him), the show sometimes seems centered more around Dante and Zhalia.  For the most part, they’re the ones to get the new Titans, and they always have the coolest lines, and the neatest subplots. . . .  I’m not complaining, since Zhalia is my favorite character, but it just seems strange.

Speaking of characters, I forgot to mention Cherit!

Cherit from Huntik

Cherit is a gargoyle-like Titan whose amulet was lost centuries before.  As he has been free to observe humans for that time, he’s also the only Titan who can talk.  Sadly, though, he doesn’t remember much about the past, and he lives mostly in the present.  (If you have a dog, you’ll know what I mean!)

Cherit’s lack of amulet is an asset, as he doesn’t have to bond with one Seeker; instead, he can befriend whomever he chooses.  When Cherit and Lok met, they became friends, and even though they aren’t bonded, the two are the best of friends and work well together.

The only thing I don’t like about Cherit is his voice.  It’s high-pitched and whiny, and it’s sometimes hard to make out what he’s saying.  Thank goodness for subtitles!

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers was created by Iginio Straffi, an Italian director who also created Winx Club.  When it came out last year, Huntik was aired internationally, including Italy, Germany, Australia, and the US.  In the US, Huntik is aired on 4kids TV, and you can watch some of the episodes on  While there is a second season, I can’t tell if it’s showing in the US yet.  I can’t wait to watch it!

Personally, I watch Huntik on DVD.  Not only do I have the episodes on demand, but there is a suite of nifty special features, too!  CGI character models, concept art, the original promo video, international theme songs, secret codes. . . .  Ah, bliss.  On a side note, I first heard about Moribito, a teen book series and anime, through the trailers on the Huntik DVD.  And I sure am glad I did!

All in all, gushing aside, Huntik is fun to watch and fun to get into.  There’s some secret files you can unlock (if you sign up) and a TCG game based on the series you can read about on  Well, I guess that’s about it.  Hope you have as much fun with Huntik as I do!


2 thoughts on “Show Review: Huntik: Secrets and Seekers, Season 1

    1. Finally! Though I haven’t watched it yet, I’m looking forward to it, even though it sounds like it’s not as good as Season 1. Thanks for letting me know!


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