Book Review: The Quail Club

The Quail Club is the companion book to The Gold-Threaded Dress.  However, you don’t need to have read The Gold-Threaded Dress to enjoy The Quail Club.

In fifth grade, Oy finally feels like she fits in.  Not only has Frankie stopped teasing her, she is part of Lilliandra’s exclusive club.  This year, the girls are raising quail from eggs, and Oy loves learning about the quail and being a part of the group.

Then their teacher announces the school’s annual talent show, and Oy decides she wants to do her Thai dance.  Lilliandra, though, decides on a different plan: She wants all the girls in the Quail Club to do an American dance like the girls in the music videos she watches on TV.  The other girls all have valid excuses for not doing the dance, but Lilliandra threatens that if Oy doesn’t agree to dance with her, she’ll kick Oy out of the Quail Club.

Oy knows that Kun Mere and Kun Pa wouldn’t approve of the type of dance Lilliandra wants to do, but she doesn’t want Lilliandra to ban her from the Quail Club, either.  Is there any way she can please her parents and still stay in the Quail Club?

I’m not usually one for realistic fiction– I usually read fantasy and sci-fi– but The Quail Club wasn’t very painful for me to read, and was definitely better written than its companion.  It takes a better look at the characters from The Gold-Threaded Dress, but they’re still a wee bit 2-D.  Nonetheless, Carolyn Marsden again takes the problems of friendship and lays them out for the world to see.  Even though her writing is a bit formulaic (girl begins to have trouble with friend, the trouble gets worse, girl solves the trouble), The Quail Club is still a good pick for girls who are learning to read.


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