Book Review: Little Queen

For ages, the Rohini Royal Academy has prided itself on training the candidates for the next Queen of Light, who protects the kingdom from the King of Darkness.  June Narcieq and Lucia Luferr are the two current candidates for the throne, and their rivalry has only just begun.

June Narcieq:  Hot-tempered and lazy, yet with a certain quality that endears her to people, the feisty June may have what it takes to be queen… if she doesn’t blow up the school first.

Lucia Luferr:  Elegant and regal, coolly confident and always in control, everyone agrees that Lucia makes the perfect candidate for queen.  But under her mask, is this ice princess hiding something?

Sejuru Ney:  June’s best friend.  Lucia’s crush.  Sejuru seems like just another Rohini Academy student… except the King of Darkness has an interest in him.  Why could that be…?

Now, I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about Little Queen that say that the nonexistent plot jumps around too much to follow, the translation is horrible, that it makes little sense, that the only good thing is the art. . . .   So far I’ve read the first three books in this series, and I disagree with these critiques that claim that it is nothing but a waste of time.  Little Queen is an amusing, if light, character-driven comedy that I find myself reaching for again and again.  Maybe it’s the classic good-vs-evil plot (which I love).  Maybe it’s the characters (predictable, but funny).  Maybe it’s the outstanding art.  Whatever the reason, Little Queen is definitely one of my favorites.


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