Best Books to Read on a Rainy Day

It happens to all of us.  Despite our best intentions, and in opposition to our plans, it rains.  And not a nice, light, spring shower, but a long, miserable, gray-day sort of rain, complete with thunder and lightning.

The kind of day that makes you want to curl up with a book.

Unsurprisingly, this happens to me, too.  And even though I know that there’s posts to write and art to draw and various crafts to make–things that I normally consider fun–I just can’t help myself.

To the bookshelf I go.

So, without further ado and in no particular order, here are my Best Books to Read on a Rainy Day.

Cover of "Redwall (Redwall, Book 1)"
Cover of Redwall

Redwall by Brian Jacques

Have I ever mentioned what a genius Brian Jacques is?  No?  Well, now I have.  Though they are classified as children’s fiction, his Redwall series defies boundaries and is literally fun for all ages.

The good guys are true heroes, the bad guys are epically evil (I would not want to meet Cluny the Scourge in a dark alley), and the hares are. . . well. . . the hares. (You know what I mean, right?  I’m not the only one who loves the hares, right?!)

In other words, this isn’t your standard dark novel with a conflicted anti-hero protagonist who has questionable morals, or book with a thousand shades of gray.  It’s a classic good-versus-evil tale, a perfect Hero’s Journey myth, a welcome breath of clean air.

And, of course, perfect for a rainy day.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis

Yeah, I know.  This isn’t one book; it’s seven.  In my defense, I have the big collected

version–so technically, for me, it’s one book.

In any case, all seven Narnia books are gray-day-escape material.  Besides the obvious thrill of an adventure in another world, there’s C.S. Lewis’s amazing writing skills and the fact that I can jump around to all of my favorite parts.  (Just another benefit of having the complete collection. :))

Replica of the One ring from The Hobbit and Th...
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien

Yet again I beg the “I have the omnibus” excuse.  Yes, I have all three books collected in one handy volume–therefore I count it as one book.  And even though I technically haven’t finished it yet, I still love it.

There’s really no explanation necessary for why this is on the list–I could say something about how amazing and exciting Lord of the Rings is, but I won’t.  And for those days when you don’t feel like reading, there’s always the movies.

The first volume of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronic...
Photo credit: Wikipedia


The writing is superb.  The art is stunning.  And did I mention that it includes Mokona?  Exciting, adventurous, hilarious, and heart-wrenching by turns, this is my favorite manga.  Ever.  No wonder I reach for it on gloomy days!

Cover of "Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover...
Cover via Amazon

Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover by Ally Carter

Teenage spies.  Awesome missions.  A touch of romance.  My personal favorite in the Gallagher Girl series has matured from earlier installments, and it’s an adventure that starts a new chapter in the Gallagher Girl series.  Too bad about the cliffhanger ending. . . but hey, at least I have the next few books on hand, too.

Cover of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's...
Cover via Amazon

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Come on, you knew that a Harry Potter book was going to be on this list.  Think about it:  Imaginative storyline?  Check.  A healthy dose of magic and mayhem?  Check.   Satisfying ending? Double check.

Plus, I love to hate Voldemort (who doesn’t?), and Rowling’s personal rags-to-riches story is inspiring.  Perfect rainy day material!

So there you have my rainy day booklist!  Writing about it made me wish for rain!

What are your favorite books to read on rainy days?


5 thoughts on “Best Books to Read on a Rainy Day

    1. Thanks! Yes, Harry Potter is one of my favorites. Another book I reach for on gray days is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (but I didn’t put it on the list because I didn’t have the it’s-an-omnibus excuse, and it felt like overkill to have two Harry Potter books.)


    1. You’re certainly right about that. Homemade chili, mmm. . . I can almost smell it cooking already. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your next rainy day, too!


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