Koko of Lollipops and Rainbows has designed a Blavatar for the Cyber Creations Club, but she can’t decide on the font! Want to help her out? Go to the Cyber Creations Club blog and vote!



Koko here. So, the subject of this post is a Blavatar. River kindly threatened me at Mysterious item point asked me to create a Blavatar for the blog.

Why? Because I did it for mine (after about two hours, mind). So, I picked the color, which is a teal to sort of match the blog theme I hope, and got working on the design. I had a bit of a freak out at one point because I couldn’t decide between doing green or teal.

And now we come to the real dilemma. I don’t know which font to use. So, due to my inability to just pick one and be done with it, Dots said I could post the two designs and have you vote for them. This means you, readers. So. Left or right. Comment on which one before I lose my mind.

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