Blog Header Sketch

Hi all! Remember how I vowed a few months ago to do an actual custom header for this blog?  Well, I haven’t forgotten.  My inspiration was blank for a loooong time. . . but a few weeks ago I had a spark*, and I’ve been working on it on-and-off ever since.

*No, I was not influenced the tiniest bit by the old Mission: Impossible TV series. Really. Honest.

Sample Header 1
Goodness, it’s tiny. Why don’t you click for a bigger version?

The idea is that the owner of the giant hand is “striking the spark” to. . . some awesomeness.  It was probably not a great idea for me to make the hand a central part of the picture, considering just how hard hands are to draw.  Despite my misgivings, though, the hand actually turned out presentable (joy!), which means that it’s not the problem with this header.  The problem is with the scenes in the background.

After a week or two of indecision marked by utter blankness on the right side of the page, I finally sketched in a couple of scenes of me doing what I like to do:  Reading a book, drawing (painting?) something, heading towards the Studio in all of my chibi-version glory.  (Come to think of it, I need to add my fox features to the Chibi Chronicles** version of me. . . .)  However, it looks a little. . . bland. . . to me at the moment.

**Chibi Chronicles is a webcomic that I’m working on with the members of the Cyber Creations Club.  Why don’t you go check it out?

Maybe it’s just that I’m the artist.  Maybe it’s just that it’s currently all in blue.  Maybe I should just focus on a non-Mission: Impossible-esque different theme for the header. . . . I don’t know. Ideas?


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