River’s Back!

Hi all! How were the past few months for you? I hope that they were interesting, and that those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful time.  Me, I had an extremely busy time, what with NaNoWriMo and plotting the new direction of this blog, plus life in general.   It was still loads of fun, though!

Anyway, today I have two announcements to make.  First off, today marks the end of my two-month blogiday.  Even though I was aching for a break (which, it turns out, was not much of a break because of this little thing called NaNo. . . ), turns out I really missed this blog.  So here I am!  Ready to take on the world again!

Second, I’m going to be starting a new feature!  Called Mission: Crafts, it will detail all the things I attempt to make in my free time and have a ton of craft-related-book reviews.  It also will provide an outlet for my non-existent photography skills.  (Which means that I’ll just have develop those skills.  Eventually.)  I’ve actually already posted a couple of things that belong under the Mission: Crafts title.   Why don’t you check them out?

Bigger Bunny Crochet Pattern

The Bunny Drop Project

Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls (Book Review)

Stupid Sock Creatures: Making Quirky, Lovable Figures from Cast-Off Socks (A Book Review by Finn the Sock Monster)

While I don’t want to reveal everything that’s in the works for this new feature, I will tell you this:  Mission: Crafts starts off with an interview by an awesomely random crafts blogger!  (Can you guess who?)

But first, NaNo recap!



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