Interview with Koko [Mission: Crafts]

Hello again!  Today I am happy to welcome Koko from Lollipops and Rainbows, who has kindly agreed to this interview for the first (official) Mission: Crafts post!

River: Hi, Koko!  How are you doing today?

Koko:  Good! *licks Mr. Lollipop*

River:  Tell us a little about your blog.

Koko:  Well, I post about crafts, crochet, knitting, and the BDP a lot. Sometimes I also post graphics I’ve made.

River:  Okay, I have to know:  Why did you name your blog Lollipops and Rainbows?

Koko:  I thought of Mr. Lollipop, but didn’t want to name the blog ‘Mr. Lollipop’, so I started thinking about lollipop related stuff. And I just got Lollipops and Rainbows.

River:  Speaking of Mr. Lollipop. . . . Can you tell us more about him?

Koko:  Mr. Lollipop is a lollipop, for obvious reasons. He’s cherry-red, but his flavor changes every few days. He’s a special sort of lollipop. He is also prone to disappearing and turning up in strange places.

River:  Wow.  He’s your inspiration, huh?  When did you start crafting?

Koko:  I started taking art classes when I was six, then modeling clay classes at eight, knitting at eight or nine, and crocheting at ten.

River:  So which is better: crocheting or knitting?

Koko:  Erm, that’s a good question. I’d say crochet because I don’t need to deal with so many loops and I can make up patterns that turn out better with crochet. Knitting is hard because I have problems with sticking 5 double-pointed needles in my bag and keeping the stitches on the needles. It’s also slower and I can’t make up things at random and have them turn out good. I guess I have a better understanding of crochet. So yeah, crochet.

River:  I totally understand!  Two needles is one too many for me.  I don’t know how you and Cloud (and all those other amazing knitters in the world) do it. . . . How do you create your patterns?

Koko:  First, I have to figure out what I want to make. Then, I build an image of the finished object in my mind. And finally, I start to crochet. I don’t really unravel very much compared to some other people when I’m making things up. To create a pattern, you need to have at least a basic understanding of how to make things, like how to make a flat circle, square, rectangle, triangle, how to create holes, tentacles, or antennae. You sort of stockpile information on how to make specific things in your head, then dig them out and use them when they’re needed.

I feel like this is confusing you.

River:  Haha, it’s not confusing me.  So you basically freeform the item from the image in your mind.  Do you ever edit the pattern after the fact?  You know, make a version 2 or a version 3. . . ?

Koko:  Sometimes. It depends on each finished item. If I’m not satisfied with it, then I’ll freeform another one, with different parts but still keeping close to the original pattern.

River:  Do you only make crochet patterns?

Koko:  So far, I’ve only tried to freeform with crochet, but as soon as I get the right size knitting needles, I’m going to try to freeform a pouch.

River:  A pouch?  Are you going to post the tutorial on your blog?  (Hint, hint.)

Koko:  Yes. Probably. If it turns out right and I remember what I did.

River:   I’m looking forward to it.  (No, I can’t knit, but I can keep trying, darn it!)  You already have a crochet bag tutorial up on your blog, right?  How did you create that one?

Koko:  Yes I do. I created it when my math lesson had me fold different shapes of paper into 3d models. I made the paper version of the bag and I thought it looked like it could be made up with squares. From then, I crocheted 16 granny squares and pieced them all together, thus creating a bag.

River:  So you used geometry!  I guess that’s a skill that comes in handy when you’re creating, hm?

Koko:  Oh, that’s what it was called. I forget things that have to do with math. And yes, it does sometimes.

River:  One of your patterns, the Tiny Bunny Pattern, inspired the Bunny Drop Project.  Tell us a bit about that.

Koko: Well, I was surfing through pictures of yarn-bombing on Google, and suddenly, next to a bus-covered-with-crochet, there was this neon orange SQUID. I clicked on the picture and it brought me to this.  She knitted up squids for an event and hid them around a museum in London. It got me thinking. What if, I crocheted stuff and hid them? I picked a bunny because . . . I like bunnies.

River: I remember that you mentioned a flood of bunnies in a post a while ago.  How many do you think you’ve dropped off so far?

Koko: Er, maybe around 15 or so. I don’t count. I still have a full Ziploc of them, though.

River: Any plans on where you’re going to drop them off?

Koko: Maybe around the waterfront park downtown. Maybe at the mall. Probably at the library. Depends on where I am and whether I have a bunny with me.

River:  Aaaannd, finally, a very very important question for Koko:  Chocolate or lollipops?

Koko: Er. . . This is so hard . . . Um. . .  Chocolate.

River:  Yay!  Another chocolate lover!  Anyway, I think that’s it. . . . Thanks for coming today, Koko.  Any last thoughts for our readers?

Koko: Make sure to write down what you’re doing if you ever try to create your own crochet pattern. XD


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