Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Koko, of Lollipops and Rainbows fame,  is awesome.

Why, you ask?

Because she nominated me for this:

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

(Of course that’s not the only reason.  Check out her blog if you haven’t yet, and you’ll know what I mean.)

The Rules

  • Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
  • Include the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions I posted above.
  • Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
  • Notify each individual that you have nominated them.

The Questions

What is your favorite song and why do you like it?

Dream On by Aerosmith.  Because it’s about never ever giving up on your dreams (like that wasn’t obvious. . . .)

Pizza or cheeseburger?

Cheeseburger, as long as it isn’t McDonald’s.

Have you ever been to a different country? If so, which one?

Yes, I’ve been to Denmark, where some of the friendliest (and happiest) people on Earth live.

Maybe I will expand on that in a later post. . . .

Do you craft at all?

Umm no, just ignore that pile of crocheted bunnies.  XD

Favorite season?

Autumn and spring, because they’re warmer than winter and cooler than summer.

Favorite color?


Earliest memory?

Preschool. . . .

Favorite memory?

Umm. . . that’s hard to choose.  I was pretty happy when the Cyber Creations Club (of which I am a member) won some awards, though.

Have you ever really wanted to erase a memory of something (In other words, brain-bleach)?

Yes, but I’ve forgotten what.  😛  Convenient, no?

Your ideal home would be on the sea, forest, beach, riverside, or hills?

It would be in a forest in the foothills, and placed near a river that leads to the sea (and the beach).  XD

The Nominations

In no particular order:

Koko of Lollipops and Rainbows.  Yes, I think this nomination should be mutual.  Is that surprising?

Cloud of Cloud’s World Of:.  A dear friend of mine.  She posts about cute, awesome, and simply amazing stuff on her blog.  But mostly cute. XD

Purin of purin.arisu.cross.  Though she doesn’t post that often (she moved to deviantART soon after starting her blog due to the fact that she prefers drawing to writing), Purin remains one of my close friends.  I just wish she’d post more often.

^You’ve probably heard me talk about (er. . . read me write about?) these three before.  That’s because these three are my “sisters” over at the Cyber Creations Club blog and three of the bloggers that I’m really close to.

That’s all for now, but I consider this list a work-in-progress, so I predict that it will grow over the next few months.  Hopefully significantly.


Edit: 100 posts, awesome!


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