Won’t you step into my lair?

Whenever October rolls around, it’s always fun to see the decorations gradually pop up in stores and front yards around town.  Everyone seems to have a different style, too–from scary to cutesy to just a little spooky.  It’s made me think, a bit, about the different themes you can use to decorate your home for Halloween, so let’s talk about that today!

In the future, I’d like to do some all-encompassing post about every single style you can draw upon, for both indoors and out.  However, as I’ve been watching The Addams Family (the classic TV series, thankyouverymuch) and have a certain love for the Victorian era of architecture/decor, let’s look at the Elegantly Spooky style, shall we?

I wanted to stay away from any obvious Halloween decorations, much as I love them, so I tried to think of things other than witches crashing into trees and bright plastic bowls filled with candy.  It was a good brainstorming exercise!  I did cave a bit when I found a pic of scull candles and a neat little cauldron, but other than that I tried to resist. 😀

While the following scheme would be too extravagant for a normal All Hallow’s Eve celebration, I can imagine hosting a bal masque in a room like this one. . . .

Won’t you step into my lair?

Elegantly Spooky Interior Inspiration
Inspiration Board made with Polyvore

Colors: When you invite your victims–er, guests–inside, greet them with a simple color scheme that emphasizes the creepiness of the decor. Black should be the base shade for this house, with touches of red for an intense touch.  Bronze and gold highlights break the monotony, while the creamy color of the skull candles and Phantom of the Opera mask round out everything nicely.

Windows: Hang drapes made from heavy black or red velvet at your windows.  Or for another look, go with sheer or lace curtains and valences. Either way, mouldering or tattered curtains work just as well as ones fresh from the store (or sewing machine, if you have an addiction to Joanns’ remnants bins. . . not that I would know anything about that ;P).

Lighting: Candles are great for more than romantic dinners!  To provide a spooky atmosphere, turn off the electricity and light the way with smoke and fire.  Skull candles mingle with simple black-globed candle stands and a fogged glass candle holder.  Hanging from the ceiling should be a black chandelier, from which shadows emerge to dance on the walls.

Statues: A raven statue or two will add a Poe-ish touch, especially if you mount ’em above the chamber door.  The Egyptian-looking cat statue, on the other hand, adds a twist to the classic black cat meme.  A few other points of interest such as one of those Italian globe replicas like this one on Amazon would add a slight air of sophistication.

Finishing Touches: Maybe it’s just me, but I was always creeped out by the Greek Tragedy and Comedy masks, so I would bring them into play here.  Joining them is the Phantom of the Opera’s 3/4 mask.  Don’t you think this trio would be the perfect finish to an eerie parlour?  You disagree? Then print out a few ominous posters, wear them out a bit, and hang them haphazardly on the walls, or leave a few antique books lying around–you could even give them new titles like “13th Century Spells” with book covers.  Bonus points if you design your own posters and books covers!

So, how are you going to decorate this year?


Psst!  Don’t forget that Cloud is posting on Wednesday!  What spooky things will she do this week?  I can’t wait to find out~!


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