A Masked Ball

Just a quick post today as I’m short on time.  After thinking about parties all last week, I have come to the conclusion that there is no better All Hallow’s bash than a masked ball.  It fits into the theme from my inspiration board too, what with the Tragedy/Comedy masks and Phantom of the Opera masks I want to hang on my walls.

A Venziana mask from Verona, Italy.
A Venziana mask from Verona, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The advantages of home-made masks are the stellar fit (as compared to one-size-fits-all, which we all know is a myth) and the unique look.  The decoration is entirely up to you and limited only by available materials and your imagination!  Plus, you can customize it to your costume.  The other advantages, of course, are the satisfaction you’ll have when it’s done and a happier wallet. . . and possibly an actual Halloween costume, if you’re like me and have no idea what you’re going to go as this year.  😕

Mask Tutorials

Here’s a short list of mask tutorials I came across this week.  There’s many different techniques featured, so hopefully You will find one (or two or three) to pique your interest.

Cardboard Eye Mask by Martha Boers (YouTube Video)  While this video is for a doll mask, I love the finished look of the mask.  And the technique (covering cardboard with fabric + decorations) seems simple with gorgeous results.  Surely this can be translated to human size. . . !  I should mention here that you should check out the costumes Martha made her granddaughters this year for Halloween as well as the various doll clothing she’s sewn over the years.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

And, aha!  Proof that the doll mask can be human-sized!  Here’s a DIY Masquerade Mask (from scratch) tutorial by makocchinos on YouTube!  It looks gorgeous, and she provides several inspiration pics to get your imagination going.

Here’s a tutorial for a mask that might be easier to make: Paper Mache Mask by Daniel Mar (Video)  I don’t like the look of paper mache as much, but I think it’s a great base to start with.  Plus, with Daniel Mar’s technique of using aluminum to make a mold of your face, the mask will always have a perfect fit!  That in itself is worth the effort.

Aaaand, finally, here’s a more complicated one:  The DIY Masquerade Mask: Ice Queen by KlairedeLysdotcom on YouTube!  As I don’t have a mask mold, this one will have to remain inspiration for the time being.  It’s amazing, though, that a mold and some hot glue can make such a stunning mask!

What do you think?  Are you going to make a mask this year?

And remember!  Cloud’s continuing the Extravaganza on Wednesday!  I hear that she’s going to be keeping with the Masked Ball theme too, but in a different way. . . ?


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