Just Write!

It feels like forever since I posted.  I mean posted posted, not reblogged something (though that’s good too).  I know this isn’t true, that it wasn’t actually forever–after all, my Published Posts page on my dashboard informs me that my last (actual) post was the last Halloween Extravaganza! post at the end of October almost exactly a year ago.  And a year isn’t that long, considering.  Not in real life.

But on the Interwebs, a year can be forever.

Anyway, that’s over now.  It’s time to start this blog up again–to start my creativity up again.  And to help with that, I’ll be following The Daily Posts’s Writing 101 program.  Somehow I missed it when it was going on (being not-active has that effect), so better late than never.  Today’s assignment is a 20-min free-write, published when finished, no worries, no strings attached (aside from the aforementioned time limit).

Timer starts. . . now.

* * *

Incidentally, four minutes just passed and I have nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  I think I’m kinda missing the point of freewriting.  I’m supposed to write whatever comes to mind, right?  Apparently I need a few minutes before I relax enough to even put fingers to keyboard.

Anyway, since it’s whatever comes to mind. . . I really enjoyed Tracy Cembor’s Life of a Foundry Moth short story project from last year.  It was so much fun, since as a participant I had a direct affect on the story through my votes.  I’d like to try a collaborative short-story project myself one day.  I think it’d be inspiring to have viewers who vote on the direction the story goes in–you know they’re engaged if they’re voting.

On another subject, the topic of transmedia interests me lately.  The brief, not-entirely-accurate-but-it’ll-do summary: Transmedia is a story told in many different media.  So there might be a written part (novel), an audiovisual part (movie), an interactive part (game), and so on.  It’s distinct from adaptations in that each part is not a carbon-copy of other parts, but when combined make a larger whole.  Think the 34 Clues series for kids–it has a novel component, a trading-card game, and an online component.  The potential combinations are intriguing.  Can you imagine a story told through a diary, a documentary, and a training simulation? Each part would be distinct, they could stand on their own, and yet all together would make a larger whole. Now that would be fun.  (If you want to know more about creating transmedia, I recommend A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling: How to Captivate and Engage Audiences Across Multiple Platforms by Andrea Phillips. <–Link to Amazon.  Though not affilitated. . . yet.)

Only three minutes left.  What should I write about now?  My goals for the future?  Pfft, most of those lists are quickly forgotten.  I suppose I should tack ’em up someplace I see it every morning when I wake up, like. . . my ceiling maybe?  After all, there is data out there that says business professionals who spend time writing down and contemplating their goals every day tend to do better than those that don’t.  (I don’t know where the data is, btw–I just know it’s out there.  Maybe I’ll write about it later with links and everything.  But not today.)  It should work for storytellers too, right?

One minute.  Fifty-three seconds.  Should really stop looking at the timer, it’s distracting.  But I don’t feel like I can get anything really good out in fourteen seconds.  Ten.  Five.  Three.




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