“Free Time” is a Misnomer

Ah, free time.  I remember free time.  Maybe I should try it again one day.  –Natsuki Takaya

So this week I was going to finish up a draft I have on the subject of free time. . . then I realized that I had no free time. Gotta love the irony, haha. So here’s a quick five-minute update instead!

So remember how I said I’d like to do reviews again this year? I’ve signed up for the Around the World Reading Challenge to help with that!  I figure I’ve got at least North America and Europe covered since I just have to pick something off my bookshelf.  Asia too (manga does count, yes?), so that’s halfway done right there!  I actually haven’t read that much by South American, African, or Australian authors though, at least not off the top of my head–any suggestions?

In other news, Cloud and I are working on the plot of our upcoming webcomic.  It’s maybe halfway done–we’ve gotta put everything in order now, but it’s (partially) a gag comic so thankfully the plot doesn’t have to be as tightly woven as a serious story would be!  If all goes well, we’ll work on it a lot this summer and maybe launch in the fall, which would be exciting!  But we’ll see on how many pages we’ll be able to complete.

And finally, I made a deviantART page!  But there’s no art yet (can you guess why? 😉 )  Not sure yet if I want it to be my portfolio, but a lot of my friends use it, so I’m testing it out.  I’ll link it when I actually upload something, so maybe that’s something to look forward to.

Hope your week went well, with lots of free time!



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