Choices, Quality, and the Dangers of Transmedia

If you’re interested in transmedia at all, you should read this post. There’s a thin line between using transmedia to tell more parts of an engaging story on many platforms and simply exploiting the medium by forcing the customer to purchase all the parts across multiple mediums to experience a satisfying part of the story. Where is the line drawn?

A Means to Meaning

Last semester, I took a second class from one of the best terrible professors my school has to offer. His classes had little to no structure, and he constantly went off on seemingly irrelevant rants. After looking back on his first class, however, I realized that he actually had a lot to say in his different stories and rants. I took away more from his class than I had expected. If there’s one thing I remember most vividly from him, it’s his catchphrase: “it’s all one thing.”

He was talking about media convergence. At one point or another, aspects considered unique to each form of media overlap. Episodic storytelling traditionally reserved for TV can now be found in billion-dollar Marvel movies. Ninety minute dramas typically found in movies are being used as television episodes in the Emmy Award winning show, Sherlock. And 5-minute news segments reserved for radio can be…

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