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River and the Muse

I have wanted to write more. . .

I’ve felt it like a heartbeat these past few months.  Every time I sit at a computer, the urge to type out a thousand words is a wave so intense I think it is going to wash me away.

And that wave is just one of the thousand in a typhoon.

. . . and yet, the words wouldn’t come.

They are there in my heart, locked up in a cage.  The bars are loose enough that I can see them, reach my fingers through the gaps and try to reach them. . . but close enough together that each attempt fails.

And I don’t have the key.

It seems the Muse went on vacation. . . and took the key. (Traitor.)

A vacation I did not authorize. And as of this moment, it is officially over.

Strike A Spark is back!  Posting will resume March 2016!


One thought on “River and the Muse

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