#Sketchtember Day 9: More Character Designs

Character Sketch 2 watermark

I’m ready to go!

 Yay, more webcomic character designs!  I love doing character designs, but I fear that they’re not very interesting compared to illustration sketches. . . so hopefully it’s okay that this is the third character design sketch in a row. . . ?

Incidentally, this is the same girl who was featured on #Sketchtember Day 7!  This time she’s trying out braids.  What do you think? I’m a little sad that I didn’t work bows in (like on the other two hairstyles), but maybe I can add some to the end of her braids.  Unfortunately, she still doesn’t have a name. . . haha. . . she has a very distinct personality so Cloud and I are having trouble because all the names we’ve considered so far don’t “fit”.  Ah well, we’ll figure something out!

Bonus: A very hasty sketch of her with her brother! She doesn’t look too pleased, does she?  He must have come up with a crazy idea again~!

So what do you think of character designs?  Should I post more, or do you prefer more illustration-y sketches (like this one and this one)?


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