#Sketchtember Day 11: Kimono

Kimono watermark version

Kimono watermark versionよろしくお願いします。 (Yorushiku onigaishimasu.)

Recently I reread a fantastic book on the history of kimono, Kimono: Fashioning Culture by Liza Dalby.  You could say that was the inspiration for this piece. . . but really, I just like kimono.  🙂  With such clean lines and simplicity of design, it’s difficult to not be elegant in kimono!

The young lady in today’s sketch is wearing a formal furisode, or swinging-sleeve kimono.  It will have a pattern, but I haven’t decided on a design yet, so it’s blank for now.

I’m not quite happy how her hand turned out, but at least it looks like a hand.  (Attempts #1 and #2 were just. . . blobby.  Ah well, third time’s the charm!  And I’ll have a chance to fix it when I ink it.)  I’m looking forward to working on this sketch more when I have some time!


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