#Sketchtember Day 16: Penny & Francine

Penny and Francine concept sketch watermarked

This is our path, and we’ll walk it ’til the end.

So as of today. . . we’re on the downhill slide of #Sketchtember! Only fourteen more days to go!

And we have more character designs!  Penny (left) is a spoiled young girl, and Francine (right) is a warrior-in-training.  When they set out on a quest, what adventures will they find. . . ? I wanted a bit of a fairytale feel, so I designed their clothing with that in mind.  Incidentally, despite their difference in height, they are actually only about a year apart in age.  Penny’s just really short!

I should probably also mention that these two are not part of the upcoming webcomic I’ve spoken a bit about.  Cloud and I are working hard on it, don’t worry!  But there are just so many stories we have to tell, and sometimes the urge to work on one of the others is just overbearing.  Gotta follow the Muse, you know!  And even though I probably won’t be able to work on their story for a while, I’m really excited about it.

See you tomorrow!


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