#Sketchtember Day 23: Nora

nora-sketch-wAren’t we all just pieces on a chessboard?

(Caption courtesy of Cloud!)

Another digital sketch!  Today’s picture exists because I felt like drawing something cute.  But Cloud’s caption makes it seem a little more intense, doesn’t it?

I spent maybe 2.5 hours on this piece. . . ?  It’s actually not a sketch so much as the inks, ready for coloring!  I could have posted the actual sketch instead, but I work messier digitally than on paper. . . so I spent extra time cleaning it up.  (I cleaned-up yesterday’s sketch the same way.)  But now that I look at it again, a few things seem a little off, so I might give it another pass before it’s colored.

I also wanted to mention that I used a reference photo from Senshi Stock today!  This one, to be precise!  If you need reference photos, you should check out Senshi Stock’s gallery, she’s got an amazing selection with poses for tons of different situations & angles.

Until tomorrow~


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