#Sketchtember Day 26: Witch

Witch sketch watermark version

Witch sketch watermark versionA wizard duel? Count me in.

Today’s art for #Sketchtember was originally an idea for an outfit, rather than a character.  But. . . by the time I finished drawing, her character was decided.  orz

The inspiration was “witching hour” and “circus”.  Not that she’s a circus witch; more that her outfit should have a faint feeling of a circus, of fantastical, amazing things, and some of the design is influenced by circus-y things.  Like her skirt, which evokes the Big Top stripes.

As I was drawing, I thought that she looked a little like a stage magician. And she sort of evolved from there: A sassy girl who works as a magician by day, but (surprise surprise) is literally a witch and monster-hunter!  (Or something like that.)

Only four days left, and then it’s Inktober. . . !


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