#Inktober Days 2-6: Tree

Inktober Days 2-4: Tree

Inktober Days 2-4: Tree

This was how my #Inktober began: With a tree warmup.

So I saw this cool gif* on Twitter of an artist using stippling to draw a tree.  It was amazing how alive that tree looked with just black ink.  I decided to try it. . . and it was just going to be a warmup, right?

Cut to: Four days later, when I finally finished that darn tree.


I don’t think I want to stipple anything ever again. . . .

(Now watch as I fall in love with the effect of stippling, and decide that I will do a whole comic in this art style.  Haha.)

The trunk looked a little bare when it was one, so I decided to  a little shading with my new Tombow markers.  They’re so much fun. ❤️

*Couldn’t find it again, sorry! I’ll link it when I do.

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