#Inktober Day 7: Witch

witch-inktober🎵 A good broom really is the only way to travel! 🎵

I learned my lesson from stippling that terrible tree and did a simple drawing for Day 7.  A young witch out for a ride!

. . . I really should have added speed lines.  *facepalm*

Even besides the lack of speed lines, I don’t feel this one is finished.  I’d like to add something in the background. . . maybe the classic-night-sky-with-moon shot.  I didn’t shade it for that, though, so I don’t know which direction I’ll take it.

I did get to try out my Sakura Gelly Roll pen for the first time that day, though, and fell in love!  It made the market bleed a little though; I suspect the Sakura pens are water-based, and as the Tombow markers are water-based too, that would explain it.  It doesn’t seem to be an issue if you let the Tombow ink dry really really well and work quickly.

This was my quickest Inktober drawing to date, as well as the smallest.  I think it only took about four hours all told.

Even though I’m really slow at inking and coloring, I’m having a ton of fun with Inktober!  So I’ll do my best until the end.


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