#Inktober Days 11-12: Faster

fast-inktoberCloud: “It’s not going to cook any faster if you stare, you know.”

Aaaand  we’re back to complicated drawings!  For days 11 and 12 of Inktober I did some concept for our upcoming webcomic. Though it took me two days to complete, I had a lot of fun.

Have you ever had a moment when you wished you could make something cook faster through sheer force of will?  Unfortunately, it never seems to work. . . or rather, it seems to backfire and make the time go slower. . . and slower. . . and s l o w e r. . . .  It can’t just be me, right?

Today was the first day I tried the Caran d’Ache non-photo blue sketching pencil!  It was really easy to draw with, soft and smooth and doesn’t smudge when you rest your hand on it.  I’ve been using it ever since instead of my normal mechanical pencil 💝 – though I’ll probably go back to mechanical pencil after Inktober when I’m just sketching with no intention to ink.

Of course I knew that it wouldn’t show in a photo, but I was still surprised somehow. . . it’s really different hearing about something vs seeing it yourself.  (Though, you can kind of see it where I drew over it. . . guess that changed the tone enough.)


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