#Inktober Days 13-14: Worried

writers-block-inktoberNutmeg: Um, is River okay?

Kate: Don’t worry!  It’s just writer’s block.

River: Just writer’s block, huh?  Why don’t YOU try it sometime?

Have you ever had someone brush off your artistic troubles like, “Oh, it’s just writer’s block”?  It’s only happened to me a couple times: once from a friend who had literally no idea what she was implying, and once from a fellow writer who DID and was trying to cheer me up in a “Suck it up, buttercup” way.

. . . It didn’t help.

But I’ve been through it enough that I can laugh at it now.  And I’ve been tempted to say those very words a time or two.  It sure looks different when you’re the one who is doing great and your friend is blocked, huh?  But you have to remember that all the little tricks in the world won’t necessarily help; they’ve got to find their own way to unblock it.


This one actually took three days!  I started the sketch on the 12th, as soon as I was done with that day’s drawing, and worked on it whenever I had a few moments until I put the finishing touches on it on the 14th.  Not quite as long as the tree!  (But this one was more fun.)

And even though I probably don’t need to say this by now: It’s more concept for the webcomic!  I really like the little panel on the right, it somehow makes it feel like a comic instead of a print.  (But I wanna do more prints tooooo~)

Now that we’re all caught up on completed drawings, it’s back to work on the next one!  I have two WIPs, and know what I want to do for the next couple  as well, so gotta go work work~!

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