Inktober Days 23-25: Kate, the Witch of Summer


For days 23-25 of Inktober, we have Kate as the Witch of Summer!  I can’t think of a season that fits Kate better than summer.  She’s energetic and optimistic – sometimes annoyingly so – so the bright sunlit days of summer match her well!

I’m pretty happy about this picture. . . after seven drawings I’m feeling more confident with ink.  However, I had some issues with my ballpoint pen yesterday.  It stuttered a bit, so I had to go over some lines again. . . including Kate’s mouth, which I had to go over several times.  I’m not happy with how it turned out, but eh, c’est la vie.  We’ll just pretend she’s wearing lipstick (at least until I fix it digitally!)

Next up is the Witch of Autumn!


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