Inktober Day 29: Beta Fish


This weekend was very busy, but I still managed to do a few art cards for Inktober!  These two little betas were fairly quick – and I’m quite pleased with how their fins and tails came out.

I’m also going to count this little guy for Inktober:

beta-sketch-inktoberA quick sketch I made first, to make sure I remembered what a beta looks like!  Even though it was quickly done on my scrap napkin, I’m also pleased with it.  Just goes to show, even quick sketches on a napkin can look wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Inktober Day 29: Beta Fish

  1. Napkin sketches – also a fun activity while waiting for food someplace with napkins 😀 Another favourite is drawing on those large paper/cardboard linings they put onto your trays, the texture there is also pretty cool sometimes!

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