Inktober Day 30: Alice’s “Drink Me” Bottles & Chess Pawns

Whew, I’m almost done catching up with my weekend’s work!  Here’s the next batch:

drink-me-inktoberFirst up, we have the Drink Me bottles and the Eat Me chest from Alice in Wonderland!

Alice was one of my favorite stories as a child.  Still is, in fact.  What’s surprising is that it took me this long to draw something inspired by the book!

And this card wasn’t all. Next up we have. . .

chess-pawns-inktober. . . Chess Pawns from Through the Looking Glass!

The two pawns are modeled after my dolls, Japan Ai Clover and Matricaria.  Having a tiny model made them really easy to draw!  The biggest problem was the eyes; making them too realistic resulted in creepy doll eyes, so I had to simplify them a bit.

It seems there are many artworks of Alice in Wonderland, but not so many of Through the Looking Glass. . . or at least not many I’ve seen.  I’d like to see more – do you have any suggestions?


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