Strike A Spark’s 7th Anniversary!


Happy Holidays!  Though it isn’t an anniversary picture, here’s a quick snap of a sketch I’ve been working on with a “Winter” theme.  Pencil is done, it’s time to scan it and ink it digitally!

As of this week, I’ve been blogging for seven years. It’s a little strange to think that Strike A Spark has been around for that long. On the one hand, I hoped from the start that this blog would continue for many years; on the other, I cynically  wondered whether something I started just for fun would be able to survive, or whether I would find something else to spend my time on.  I’m happy to say that Strike A Spark has not just survived, but has grown beyond what I originally imagined!

It’s been an adventure, all right.  In the beginning, I struggled just with writing reviews every week.  Now that I’m posting more about my writing and art, I’m determined each day to improve my craft so that I can take pride in what I share with you.  Even during the times the blog was on hiatus, it was in my thoughts as I planned posts I wanted to write and thought about the design and layout.  From something that started as “just for fun,” Strike A Spark has become a major, and beloved, part of my life.

To everyone who has watched over me since the beginning, and to new readers who have just found Strike A Spark, thank you for joining me on this adventure!  Though I’m not the best or most prolific blogger, I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect and grow along with you.  Let’s make Year 8 of Strike A Spark a great one!



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