Gemstone Challenge Day 2: Amethyst

Gemstone Challenge drawing for "Amethyst".  A mysterious girl holds an amethyst crystal.  She wears a teal dress and a misty gold veil.

Here’s the piece I completed yesterday for the Gemstone Challenge.  Amethyst!  I really wanted to capture the lovely purple of amethysts and the translucency of the gem, so I worked hard on painting the crystal she’s holding.  I’m not sure I “got” it yet, but I feel I’m closer than yesterday!

This time, I tried a lineless style.  Though, actually, it was an accident – I made the lines invisible for a moment to edit something, and I really liked the effect, so I just left them off.  \(^o^)/  Who knows, I might continue the lineless trend for the rest of the challenge! We’ll see.

Putting the lineless style aside, I’m very, very happy with how this piece turned out.  I’m thinking of turning it into a print after the Gemstone Challenge is over and I have some time to breathe.  There are a few things I’ll fix first, of course. Isn’t that always the way it goes? (But I’m not going to tell you what!  See if you can guess. 😛 )

Oh, I should probably also mention sometime that my deviantART account is active now!  As in, I’m actually uploading stuff haha. I’m starting with older art, like the Inktober 2016 drawings and a few pieces I’ve never posted anywhere.  Current drawings will be uploaded too, so check it out if you like!  You’ll be able to see most of my work in one place. \(^o^)/

Today’s theme is Aquamarine, and I should probably get started on that!  See you later!


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