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Gemstone Challenge Day 3: Aquamarine

An underwater scene of a mermaid holding an aquamarine gemstone.

Today’s theme was Aquamarine, so naturally I had to draw a mermaid! \(^o^)/

This piece took about. . . oh, five hours, I think.  Funny thing, I’ve tried to have a simpler, quicker style with these pieces by using cell-shading and gradients, but each day’s painting takes longer!  Tomorrow I’ll definitely try to cut down on my time.

The surprising time-sink today was the background.  It took forever to blend the colors because with all the layers, GIMP was so. . . . . slow. . . . . Eventually, I created a new file and painted the background by itself, which cut down on time.  Then I imported it into the original file and voila! Nice background in less time. 🙂

My favorite parts today were painting the gem and adding gradients to her hair.  So fun!  And I’m happy with how they turned out.  I may even re-work yesterday’s Amethyst painting to paint her hair more like the mermaid’s hair.

Tomorrow’s theme is Diamond!  Time to start brainstorming. \(^o^)/


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