Gemstone Challenge Day 7: The Lady of Rubies (Sketch)

gemstone-challenge-lady-of-rubies-sketch-versionToday’s theme was Ruby!  I debated between several ideas, and settled on the Lady of Rubies, Princess of the gemstone kingdom where her parents, the Diamond Queen and the Onyx King, rule.  The Lady of Rubies is sweet and diplomatic, but she has a cunning side that few know about.  It will serve her well when she rules the kingdom.

Today we have a slight style change.  I’ve actually drawn faces in for several of the other pieces as well, but they’ve been put aside in order to keep with the same style I started with for Garnet.  I’ll probably color all the pieces in that style, or go back and re-color them with faces. . . we’ll see. 🙂


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