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Onyx and Sardonyx wip

Hi everyone!  How’s it going?

Since the end of the Gemstone Challenge, I’ve been focusing on the webcomic buffer and on another project Cloud and I started just recently.  I’ve also been working on painting the Gemstone sketches, starting with the last one, Onyx and Sardonyx!  I’d hoped to have finished it by now, but as I continue painting, I find more that I want to change or improve, so it’s an ongoing process.  Here’s what it looks like now:

Onyx and Sardonyx work-in-progress by River

(There are more in-progress pics on my twitter, so check that out if you’re interested.  ^u^)

I think it looks a lot better than the last WIP I shared on my twitter about a week ago:


Still, I think there’s a lot to be done, so the painting continues! I’m not sure how much longer it will take, but. . . maybe more than a week. .  . ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the meantime, I don’t want to leave y’all in the lurch, so I’ve got some things planned!  I’ll be posting my daily warmups on twitter, and I have posts lined up for the next few weeks.  They’re all old paintings that I’ve never posted anywhere before!  What could they be. . . ? 😛  They’ll post on Fridays, so keep an eye out!

‘Til Friday, then!


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